About Us


We are a Global lifestyle and skincare company registered in the United Kingdom ( 14352719 ) and Nigeria ( BN 2292215 ) since 2011.

Nikkisavy offers high quality standard products .

Our aim is to produce products to suit our clients needs and preferences as well as offer best services to them .

 Due to consistent hard work and sincerity in the production of our products , we've been able to create a strong network With high professional integrity . We are capable enough to update our products alongside the packaging to meet the current requirement of the market .

 The constant growth of our company inspires us to enhance our creativity with new products every now and then . Bearing in mind the standard of quality and sense of responsibility with no misuse of any prohibited ingredients . We are able to cater to all standards of quality as per our clients requirement for all kinds of products from head to toe , offering our clients reputable products under our brand .

 We offer Quality , Safety and class in all our products .




NIKKISAVY started her own beauty company in 2010 . Her business includes such product lines such as NIKKISAVY LIMITED , NIKKISAVY SIGNATURE AND OAK&PETALS .

Nikkisavy is a Nigerian microbiologist and business executive whose journey into skincare began while looking for beauty products to handle acne issues she had battled for DECADES . After various years of taking various courses and formulating for friends and family she officially created NIKKISAVY SKINCARE .

 In 2014 her Facial kit  took her company to a new level of success .

Along the line her flare for beautiful homes gave birth to the home decor line of the business NIKKISAVY SIGNATURE while her love for unique eye wear and fashion accessories gave birth to OAK & PETALS .

 Nikkisavy is as innovative with her marketing strategies as her cosmetic products, eventually making her a self-made successful woman



At present we have 2 stores in 2 countries and clients in various countries worldwide .

We are thankful and indebted to our staffs for the sincerity and hard work they have put in to bring this company to where it is today .

We are thankful to our suppliers for there trust in us and for giving us valuable advice .

We are thankful to all our clients for their trust in us and their constant support and patronage ,there is no NIKKISAVY without you all.


 To our new clients welcome aboard our fabulous train , here's hoping you have a jolly ride .

We Appreciate You All .

 Special people deserve special treats , indulge yourself .

Making you feel great is in our nature .

We Love You .